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On July 1st 2016 the GSP could celebrate its 25th birthday. For this reason we summarized all presentation for national and international events and publications and allow you to download here.

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The company GSP (Gesellschaft für Schwingungsuntersuchungen und dynamische Prüfmethoden mbH, „Engineering Consultants for Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Testing Methods“) was founded in 1991.

Managing directors are Dr.-Ing. Oswald Klingmüller, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Mayer and Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schallert.

Dr. Klingmüller is chairman of the sub-committee "impact testing of piles" of AK 2.1 NABau 05.07.00. This committee is responsible for the edition of the "Recommendations on Piling (EA-Pfähle)" of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT).
Dr. Schallert is also a member of this committee and member of the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI).

Currently Dr. Klingmüller is project leader for the elaboration of the standard prEN 22477‑4 “Dynamic Pile Load Testing” within Working Group 7 (WG7) of CEN‑ISO‑TC341 Geotechnical Investigations and Testing.

GSP is representative of Pile Dynamics, Inc., Cleveland - the worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring technology, hardware and software for dynamic pile testing. This representation covers German-Speaking countries plus Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg.

 •  Training on behalf of PDI
    The GSP provides training in use of PDI equipment on sites also outside the countries mentioned above (e.g. Emirates, Georgia, Guinea, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Turkey).
 •  Workshops and Seminars
    GSP organizes workshops and seminars (in German and English) in theory and practice of dynamic pile load testing and pile integrity testing at regular intervals. For more current information please click here.

Dr. Klingmüller is expert for vibrations analysis appointed by the chamber of commerce. He is giving expert statements for vibration measurements, vibration damages and vibration prediction on the basis of measurements for industrial installations or work of heavy engineering machinery e.g. vibration compaction or vibratory driving. He is frequently called as independent expert for cases at different courts of justice.

 GSP • Steubenstraße 46 • 68163 Mannheim, Germany